Mar 05-Mag-2009

Jazzy prosecco; sparklin’ jazz 5 perform in the la Filanda room, Saturday November 15th 2008


There was a very enthusiastic reception in the lovely La Filanda room for Sparklin’ Jazz 5 and guest numbers well exceeded expectations. More than a hundred people turned up, and they were all very well satisfied with the concert, even if there weren’t enough seats for everyone!

As usual the quintet included the audience in their performance creating a truly Sparlklin’ atmosphere. And as anyone who knows them knows, they’re not just great musicians but great showmen too. 

There was also a lot of interest in the venue: it’s not every day that you get the chance to go to a jazz concert in a winery and get to taste the wines. The new room was very well appreciated and Maria Elena Muchhits welcomed the guests giving details on the history of the Filanda, a silk mill, while pointing out that this was to be the first musical event in the new rooms and therefore a sort of inauguration. The first of many.




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