BORTOLOMIOL S.p.A cantina di produzione prosecco e vini prestigiosi a Valdobbiadene.

Area privata


Our wines come exclusively from vines located in the Doc zone and in the area around Valdobbiadene.

Together with grapes from our own vines we also carefully select other local vineyards for our production. We have created a very special bond with the farmers who tend these vines and bring their grapes to us. This bond stretches back over time and is nourished by our shared sense of the land the values which form the root of our local culture.

The quality of our products is evidence of this ancient brotherhood, a relationship that we cultivate as carefully as we do the vines themselves. We often visit the vineyards, hold meetings, events and offer training courses and technical assistance. But we also get together for lighter moments where we share some food, drink some Prosecco and, on occasion, give awards for the finest grapes, the best farmers.

All of this, combined with leading vineyard management techniques allows us and the farmers to get the most from the land and produce the best grapes and therefore the highest quality wines.

We offer our farmers constant, careful and targeted support and have begun a series of training courses as well as a planned programme of support in the field with help in growing and vine defence techniques. Our grape farmers are looked after by our oenologist Gianfranco Zanon and agronomist Giovanni Pascarella.

These are the main features of our agricultural support programme:

1. We hold one winter meeting during fertilisation and pruning and one during the spring to discuss treatments, management techniques and summer fertilisation.

2. We offer telephone support for our farmers on all aspects of grape growing.

3. We perform inspections in selected vineyards in order to identify any cru (area of the vineyard) that needs support. These inspections are made during flowering, from the 15th to the 20th of June and during veraison (as the grape berries change colour), from the 20th to the 25th of June. The aim of these inspections is to guide the farmer so he can get the best from his vines enabling his grapes to be used in the production of superior quality wines.

4. We inspect the vineyard log book before harvesting

5. We perform an inspection to determine maturation and harvest period based on an average sample of our grape farmers’ vineyards

6. We select the best grape farmers and award prizes

7. We are available at any time to inspect the vines at the request of the farmers

8.Finally, we hold meetings and exhibitions so that all of our winery workers, grape farmers and customers are aware of the extent of this support programme.


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