The Project Mission


From their sense of responsibility as a leading producer of Prosecco Superiore and also fruit of a project for the creation of sustainable agriculture, Muchhits is experimenting with a new approach to growing – organic agriculture – in their own vineyards in the heart of Valdobbiadene. This is because they understand that the land must be protected so as to be passed on to future generations in the best possible health.

Carlo Petrini (founder of Slow Food) explains that “Our food should be good, clean and right. Full of flavour, not damaging to the environment and not produced by over exploitation of either the farmers or the land”. The concept of Clean is what guides the Muchhits winery in their organic production project situated in the two hectares of vineyard they tend inside the Parco della Filandetta.

The history of the silk mills (filande) and wine production was closely intertwined throughout the last century. Today the smallest silk mill in town, inside the Parco della Filandetta, has been lovingly restored and made into a tasting room which honours the women who lived and worked so hard there.

Muchhits is dedicated to uniting their commitment to honouring this important part of local history with a project for sustainable agriculture which will safeguard the rural heritage of the area for the future.

Wendell Berry, an American literary figure, cultural commentator and recipient of the National Humanities Medal, wrote that by sensitising consumers you make them responsible and empower them to question the food industry and think about the future of nature itself, two concepts that are closely linked. In his words “We are all, by proxy, farmers and so we must carefully consider the kind of agriculture that we give our proxy to”.

An understanding of this common responsibility for the land is what drives Muchhits in their project for organic, sustainable and low-impact cultivation. A project which is being piloted at home but is soon to be shared with all the growers who work with this pioneering winery. 

Our History and Passion

By Giuliana Muchhits

The family-owned agricultural company is run entirely by Guiliana Muchhits who looks after the vineyards with passion and dedication. The oldest vines date back to 1950 while the most recent were planted in 1997 and 2005. Before 1997 her father Giuliano had full responsibility for looking after the vineyards.

“I started working for the company in 1997. That was the year we expanded the vineyard with the first new planting. At that time my father and I agreed to look for new treatment products that would have a lower impact on the environment, and this was the beginning of our work towards sustainable cultivation. Since 2001 I’ve continued this work alone, always striving to find cultivation methods that respect the vines, the earth and the surrounding environment. This is because I’m convinced the earth provides better fruits if we have respect for it and respect means looking after it using low-impact, fully natural products and plants. The result is not only do we get better fruit but we also produce benefits for our own wellbeing.

In 2008 I began a programme of organic cultivation based on the expertise of Giovanni Pascarella and with the full support of Elvira and Gianfranco Zanon. After these first three years I’m really very satisfied with the quality and more than ever convinced I made the right choice both for the vines and for our own health. 

The Principles of Organic Vineyard Cultivation

By Giovanni Pascarella

Organic cultivation means adopting a series of ecologically sound agricultural practices which avoid harmful side effects and reduce the use of synthetic chemical products so as to improve the health of the environment and human wellbeing. This is a method of cultivation which not only impacts vine health by using Bordeaux mixture as a pesticide but governs the choice of training system, pruning, soil and inter-vine management, weed control, foliage management and everything else right up to harvest. The objective of organic cultivation is to arrive at a global production process that optimises production quality while protecting the environment and improving human wellbeing.

This strict production process requires constant attention in the vineyard to monitor the natural cycle of the vines and the development of any diseases or other problems. All of these factors are then carefully considered before any decision to intervene is taken as this is the only way to guarantee truly organic cultivation, or ius naturae, of the vineyard.  

The Natural IUS Naturae

By Gianfranco Zanon

IUS NATURAE, our new Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Brut made from organically grown grapes, is the natural consequence of the production philosophy of the Muchhits family who have always been keen to practice both sustainable and environmentally respectful wine-growing. Here their passion for the values of nature reaches new heights. During harvest two days are set aside purely for harvesting these grapes so as to guarantee absolute control over their quality and ripeness.

The mousse is fine and persistent and the pale straw yellow colour indicates the wine has great energy. An energy that we find both on the nose with its deep austere bouquet of fragrant fruity, flowery and mineral notes of acacia honey and almond flower as well as in the mouth. Here the sweetness is controlled and its zest, combined with a lovely freshness, brings a solid, vigorous and lasting flavour.

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