As well as the historic winery, where by tradition the wine is transformed into a sparkling wine in the heart of the town close to the church tower, there is the Parco della Filandetta.

Here we find the wine-production facility, the experimental vineyard, the open-air amphitheatre and the tasting rooms which, recently restored, are part of what was once known as the Little Silk Mill or Filandetta.  


The wine-production facility has also recently been refurbished and is now perfect for visitors who wish to discover our wines and see for themselves how they are made. The amphitheatre outside is an ideal place for open air shows or exhibitions.
The park is reached via the main gate in Via Mazzini, the central street in Valdobbiadene which leads to the square. The lovely path rises through the trees under a canopy of leaves before the view opens out and you see the vineyard and winery.



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