The new La Filanda tasting room has an illustrious past: it was part of the smallest silk mill in Valdbbiadene, known as the Filandetta.
The restoration of the building was done in order to preserve its original character and includes the original stone wall which bore witness to the back-breaking work in the silk mill.

The space is large and bright with carefully chosen furniture and innovative design elements which complement the character of the building. 
  We have installed a fully functional professional kitchen that we use to prepare foods from the local area and beyond which compliment our wines. The kitchen also serves mouth-watering treats as an accompaniment to other exquisite wine and culinary events, wine tastings and musical and theatrical evenings.
Recently the Filanda played host to a production of the Vino Dentro monologue, part of the “Decantazioni” project as well as to an evening of jazz with Sparkling Jazz 5 part of the contemporary art, music and live performance festival “Ama Fest”.


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