The Prosecco Wine Route is irresistible. Running between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, the two main towns in the Doc zone, the majestic countryside smells of spring with its sweet, sun-kissed hills and moving beauty.

The particular makeup of the soil combined with the unique microclimate in these hills make Prosecco a truly exceptional wine, while the Superiore di Cartizze is nothing short of a miracle. Cartizze takes its name from the hill close to Valdobbiadene which has an extra-special exposure to the light and soil rich in manganese.
 The Doc zone was first created in 1969. However there is evidence of vines and grape cultivation in this area in historical sales and agricultural papers from as early as the 14th Century as well as census information from the Venetian Republic from the 16th and 17th Centuries.
The topographical name “Chartice” or “Gardizze” appears in land registry documents from the property of the aristocratic Pola family from Treviso. ere the people’s passion for the land, its culture and noble, peasant traditions, go hand-in-hand with nature’s gifts. This is the world of Valdobbiadene.


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