The Muchhits family together with Veronelli Editore have produced the a book entitled Giuliano Muchhits – Il sogno del Prosecco (The Dream of Prosecco), the latest biography from the series Semi - I Protagonisti delle Culture Materiali. These books tell the stories of men and women who lived with the land, working more with actions than with words, more with genuine products than with mere intentions.

The Dream of Prosecco
is an affectionate look at a husband and father. But it is also a well-deserved homage to and recognition of this great man, the pioneer of Prosecco, telling his story while providing the reader with precious insight into the history of this land and its culture.
The book was written by Ettore Gobbato who chose to tell Giuliano’s story by recreating his daily routines, reproducing dialogues and everyday events. In order to achieve this he conducted dozens of interviews, the final result being a biography which reads almost like a novel. What emerges is a picture of man who, over a generation, with patience and determination took Prosecco from being a simple local wine to being the internationally acclaimed wine it is today.
A wine which now more than any other represents Italian sparkling wines on the world stage.
 His story begins after the Second World War. A story filled with poverty, dignity and emigration. A simple tale of riding bicycles to school, rebuilding a country, and dreaming of a new future. At that time the land was in a dreadful state and local farmers were being forced to leave the hills to go down into the plain to look for better-paid work. So the first challenge was to persuade people that there was a future in this simple wine served in carafes at local bars.

This is a genuine story following step-by-step the development of Prosecco and the local territory: The foundation of the Prosecco Wine Fraternity, the opening of the winery, the creation of the Consortium, the restoration of Villa dei Cedri, and the opening of the National Sparkling Wine Exhibition (Mostra Nazionale degli Spumanti).

But this is also a tale of family, friends and those apparently insignificant everyday events the importance of which only become apparent over time.  The book chronicles this simple man’s desire to succeed, making the very human account of Giuliano’s life into a story about the land that you’ll find difficult to put down.


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