Recently we completely restructured of one of Valdobbiadene’s four silk mills, part of a wider project to create a cultural wine and food centre dedicated to Prosecco.
Today the new tasting rooms are located in a part of the old structure of the smallest of the mills, the Filandetta. The historic Valdobbiadene silk mills have their roots in the ancient traditions of the cultivation of silkworms, begun in this area by the Venetian Serenissima Republic as early as the 17th Century and developing during the period of early industrialisation into an efficient production system which resulted in the construction of four silk mills in Valdobbiadene. 

 Only women worked in the mills, among them were children, sometimes as young as nine years old, young married women and mothers of large families.
Their hard work went side-by-side with that of the men working the vines in the hills. Hills which were only good for producing wine. For this reason the wages earned by the women in the silk mills was an important part of the family income.
It is to these extraordinary and often overlooked women, to their hard work and joyous songs, that we have dedicated our splendid Filanda Rosé.



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