Prosecco is a varietal. The much-loved wine is produced from these Prosecco grapes from vineyards in an area covering 15 local districts in the province of Treviso, among which we find Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.

The resulting wine has a pale yellow colour of varying intensity, a vinous, typically varietal, bouquet, and a light and fruity fragrance. Its best qualities are brought out by its transformation into a sparkling wine.

In order for the wine to qualify for the name Conegliano Valdobbiadene Doc Prosecco very strict requirements must be met:

1. Grapes. The grapes must come from vineyards in the area as defined by the law. These areas must be registered in the land registry at the Chamber of Commerce;
 2. Varietal. At the moment only Prosecco and Verdiso grapes are allowed and Verdiso may make up a maximum of 10% of the total volume;

3. Production. The wine must be produced in strict adherence to the regulations set out in the official Guidelines and only in the districts in the Doc area. Cartizze may only be produced in the Comune di Valdobbiadene;

4. Spumantizzazione (the process by which the wine becomes sparkling) and bottling. These processes may only be performed in wineries in the province of Treviso;

5. Final testing before sale. Before bottling each batch must pass an organoleptic (sensorial) test set by the oenologists commission of the Chamber of Commerce.


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