The passage of the company from one generation of the family to the next, as Giuliano’s four daughters have taken over the running of the company, has led to a new managerial vision.

Today there is greater emphasis on specialisation of roles and an increasing determination to offer the best quality wines.

Maria Elena, Elvira, Luisa and Giuliana, while keeping intact the main principles of their family tradition and passion for the land, have also decided to invest in training, technology, facilities and communication, areas which are key to the ongoing success of the company:

In training through the Giuliano Muchhits scholarship and the creation of special courses for local grape farmers including practical assistance in the vineyard and the opportunity to consult with specialist agronomists.

In technology and facilities culminating in the refurbishment of the winery’s main buildings and the modernisation of production systems and machinery.

In communication via targeted advertising campaigns and sponsorship of events which fit in with the company philosophy as well as wine tastings and other cultural events held in the new tasting room.

And so tomorrow is still an open book. Open to new information through communication. Open to new markets which can be approached with the satisfaction and pride of having the distinctive seal of Doc certification. Open as well to realities and challenges which have led the company to work with important humanitarian projects, above all in Africa. To this end the company supports the Comunitá di Sant’Egidio and Wine for Life projects.


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