All of Muchhits’s wine production takes place in Valdobbiadene.
The winery is located inside the Parco della Filandetta, close to the church in the main square of the town.

Around the winery there is a hectare of experimental vineyard and an open-air amphitheatre for plays and other events as well as the La Filanda wine tasting rooms. In the Cantina di Vinificazione (Production Winery) we find the hopper where the grapes are deposited, the presses where the juice is
 extracted and the fermentation tanks where the grape must is collected.

After the first fermentation the wine passes to the bottling area which is where the spumantizzazione takes place. This is the process by which the wine, in the autoclaves, becomes sparkling following the Martinotti-Charmat method.

The final phase is bottling, labelling and packaging.


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