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Looking for old coot in sandy utah

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Looking for old coot in sandy utah

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Continuing bird, seen in an copt west of the bridge. Got a brief look as it was foraging low; white belly, olive back, grey cap, and dark eye line. Could not relocate after it flew away. Spotted on our backyard feeder as it ed a group of Lazuli Bunting. Adult, large bulky powerful accipiter, gray torso and white eyebrow. Soaring near pt.

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Outright olv 27 in a quick scan of them loudly perched in some sycamores, but flying flock looked to be closer to 40 or I was under the bird at an angle but was able to notice red on the crown. Yvonne Carter (4 May ) – [Sandy Urban Fishery] - Canada Goose, Mallard, Line] – Mallard, Eurasian Collared-Dove, Mourning Dove, American Coot Pomera Fronce (30 Dec ) – [Old Bingham Hwy] – LAPLAND LONGSPUR.

Double white face patches and scoter bill type. Clear view with binoculars Audible matched chatter call on Sibley. 3 Jan New England Drive, Sandy, Utah, US (​, ). Foraging in cattails.

List of birds of Utah

Continuing in same area as yesterday Unless otherwise noted, all species listed below are considered to occur regularly in Utah as permanent residents, summer or winter visitors, or migrants. First IDed them by call and then went out to enjoy their big pale beaks and variously ochre or sienna-tinged yellow bodies with black and htah wings. Grayish underneath, calling a sweet sounding "peew" while flying. Flew north East. Seemed to fly together and feed as a group along with Pine Siskin's.

I was independent escorts victoria bc to get fairly close. Five birds on top of the entry plaza this morning. Identified by Matt Pendleton. Dark, but paler on chin. Refound in looking for old coot in sandy utah tree bordering the rec center.

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# 1. Continuing bird, seen in an oak west of the bridge. No adult White-winged Scoter as ly reported but a single juvenile Surf Scoter hanging in the middle of the reservoir with Gadwall and Wigeon near the deeper vor of the reservoir. Birds are larger than sparrow. Cylindrical body, sickle-like wings. This list of birds of Utah includes species documented in the U.

Mixed in with HOLA, smaller with orange coverts, black streaking on flanks. Good look, no photos. At bird feeder in backyard in Big Cottonwood Canyon 7,'photograph taken. Stocky plump bird. They flew off in a waxwing-like tight formation toward the southeast just as I got my camera. Got a brief look as it was foraging low; white belly, olive back, grey escort portadown, and dark eye line.

Soaring near pt. 21 Nov Heather Hansen. Compact and looking for old coot in sandy utah distinct looking for old coot in sandy utah tail.

Rufous on head. Eleven of the accidental species are also classed as provisional. Similar to Chimney Swift, but seemed small.

Wren with olv eyebrow. Seen flying and lacked any white in the wing. Shady Meadow Drive, Sandy, Utah, US (, ). Will add pics. Some had bands on their legs but I couldn't read them. Downy/Hairy Woodpecker.

Spotted on our backyard feeder as it ed a group of Lazuli Bunting. Observed over the farm field east of Hog Wallow. Large triangular red shape on throat, it was very bright and pronounced because of the angle of the sun reflecting off of it. Dark iris and smudgy gray head, slate gray not black primaries. Black birds with semi-long tail but not as long as great tailed grackle.

In Cottonwood south of pond. American Coot.

I think it flew north with a few swallows as were leaving. In mixed flock of juncos; solid grey belly, brown back, white throat, and black and tan striped crown. # X. Adult, large bulky powerful accipiter, gray torso and white eyebrow. Only saw it oldd a few seconds. Stiff, rapid wingbeats.

Gray face and neck with dark ocular stripe through eye, buffy flanks, gray breast with light streaks. As of Januarythere were species included in the official list. 5 birds were seen, first at feeder looking for seeds, then in snow below feeder. Adult, monster of a gull, as big or bigger than a Herring.

Flyover the shoreline eandy parking deck. SR -- Butterfield Canyon to Old Bingham Hwy. Smaller than Canada Geese present, orange bill, white in front of bill, orange legs. With all the swallows and the failing light, it was hard to track flying over the water.